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Senator Ted Kanavas (Click to View)
State Representative Dale Kooyenga (Click to View)
Wisconsin Right to Life PAC (Click to View)
Pro-Life Wisconsin Victory Fund PAC (Click to View)
Wisconsin Family Action PAC
Greater Milwaukee Association of Realtors PAC
Wisconsin Realtors Association
National Rifle Association (NRA) - Grade AQ
City of Brookfield Mayor Steve Ponto
Elm Grove Village President Neil Palmer (Click to View)
Past Elm Grove Village President Susan Freedy (Click to View)
Past Elm Grove Village President Jim Nortman (Click to View)
Past Wauwatosa Mayor Jill Didier (Click to View)
Waukesha County Sheriff Dan Trawicki
Waukesha County District Attorney Brad Schimel
Waukesha County Supervisor Jim Heinrich

Kyle Prast, Brookfield NOW, Practically Speaking, (Click to View)
Ginny Marschman, GOP Activist at the Republican Party of Wisconsin
Pastor Joe Medina

Elm Grove Village Trustees: Patty Kujawa, John Meser, Tom Michalski, Jack Nelson
City of Brookfield Aldermen: Jerry Mellone, Lisa Mellone, Gary Mahkorn, Renee Lowerr
Town of Brookfield Supervisors: Mike Maxwell, John Schatzman, Dan Shea, Pat Strobel

Business Leaders: Dick & Carol Bayerlein, Jim & Betty Hunter, Nonie Johnson, Buz & Dolores Lorenz, Art Van Zanten, Linda Grunau, Chuck & Sandi Long,  Judy Thompson, Jim Foley, Bob Dennick, Jason Kahout, Mark & Pat Knutson, Casey & Lori O'Gorman, Steve & Beth Ann Hartung, Stephen & Louise Dickson, Tim & Julie Wallen

Judith Hyde Krieger

What people are saying about Rob…

“Rob knows what it takes to actually create jobs. His private sector leadership as a business owner is what we need in the State Assembly. We need leaders who understand fiscal responsibility and limited government who will be a strong voice for businesses and families in Madison.” –Senator Ted Kanavas

“Rob is a leader in his church, in his family and the greater Milwaukee business community. He will not just be another politician; he’ll be a conservative who executes on the difficult task of passing conservative legislation. It would be an honor to represent our great community with a principled, liberty and freedom loving citizen like Rob Hutton.” - Representative Dale Kooyenga, 14th District

“As a fellow business owner Rob understands fiscal responsibility and the importance of growing our economy. We need his trustworthy common sense leadership in Madison.” -Tom Linscott Owner of Gillies Custard, Wauwatosa

“Rob's role as a business owner and his commitment to serving is the kind of leadership we need in the State Assembly. We need business leaders who understand budgeting and fiscal responsibility that will be strong voice for businesses and families in Madison.” – Neil Palmer, Elm Grove Village President

“Rob’s experience and solid ethics were immediately apparent upon meeting him. He is the best candidate to represent the district in the Assembly.” –Susan Freedy, Former Elm Grove Village President

“Rob has shown leadership by growing a company and creating jobs during these trying economic times. Politicians don’t create jobs, but they can improve the environment to clear the way for businesses to create jobs. Rob’s experience in the private sector gives him a unique perspective on how to create that environment.” -Jill Didier, former Wauwatosa Mayor

“Rob Hutton is a great candidate for the newly created 13th State Assembly seat. Having known Rob for over 20 years, I find him to be a man of conviction who is deeply committed to conservative principles of economic growth, fiscal responsibility, limited government, strong families and local control. Rob will bring many years of experience and integrity to the position. I encourage you to vote for Rob on Nov.6th.” -Steve Hartung, Brookfield

“Rob Hutton has been knocking on doors and meeting the residents in his district. This is no easy task and it demonstrates a level of commitment to the job. His yard signs are popping up all over too, not just on the right of ways, stuck here and there, but in the front yards of supporters in our district. Rob came to my front door 2 times and I found him to be just what I am looking for in a Representative.” - Kyle Prast, Brookfield NOW, Practically Speaking

“I am happy to endorse Rob Hutton for the 13th Assembly seat. He is a conservative business man who is financially responsible.” -Richard Bayerlein, Elm Grove, President, Bay-San Company, Inc.

Letters to the Editors

“I would like to encourage you to vote for Rob Hutton for the State Assembly 13th District seat. I have known Rob for about 15 years through a business relationship and more on a personal level over thepast year. As the leader and CEO of his company, Rob brings the experience that is necessary to bring
people together, to provide vision, to provide encouragement, to provide accountability, to provide compassion to those in need, to provide skills that encourage economic development and jobs and to provide a stability to the process of politics. I say these things about Rob as I have witnessed his
behavior in business and our community. I’m also the CEO of a company and a father of 8 children. I know what it takes to manage an organization and to keep a team working together that most likely have different views on the solutions to the problems. When I sit down with Rob, he listens well and
has a calmness in his manners. He displays intelligence and shows compassion for others. Our country has witnessed Wisconsin’s disunity in the political process at the State level. I believe Rob will be able to work with both political parties. He cares for the needy while having strong business experience that will help him develop and negotiate positive legislative actions and solutions that will help the State of Wisconsin. Rob has conservative values and is a family man. These values combined with his strong business experience make Rob the best candidate for the State Assembly seat. Whether you have
Democratic or Republican views, Rob is the best person for the job.” -Tim Wallen, Brookfield

“As small business owners we put our personal security at risk in order to sustain and grow our business. Like countless other entrepreneurs our effort, vision, and good fortune determine our success. Excessive government taxation and regulation has made the American dream of business ownership
more difficult. We believe this requires local action and a State Assembly candidate that has the experience and vision to help small businesses state-wide. Rob Hutton, who is also a small business owner, is running in the 13th District and has experience dealing with government regulations that prohibit growth. Rob understands small business and how important they are to fueling our economy and putting families to work. We support his campaign.” -Jim & Betty Hunter, Elm Grove

“Wisconsin has made much progress over the past 18 months and it’s important to elect officials who will keep the momentum going. Rob Hutton is one such individual with core conservative values that is not a career politician and will look out for the interests of the tax payers, not his own. Rob is running
for State Assembly in District 13 and I firmly believe he is the right person for the job. His business experience will serve him, and us, well in the Assembly. We have turned a corner in this state by standing up against wasteful spending and irresponsible planning. Rob Hutton will be a great addition to
our state government. - Lucy Lundy, Milwaukee

“My husband and I have met on several occasions with the candidate for the 13th Assembly District of the State of Wisconsin, Rob Hutton. I strongly believe Rob has the qualifications which are needed by the citizens of the State of Wisconsin at this crucial time in our lives and for future generations. Rob offers solid experience as a private sector business owner which is a quality, I believe, is needed in Madison. His values are in accord with the many things that are dear to me. Top three on the list is smaller government that includes a fiscally responsible budget, having a stronger Wisconsin by eliminating unnecessary regulations that stifles job growth and using the Constitution as a guideline when considering decisions that affects Wisconsin’s citizens. I have every confidence that Rob will do what he promises. The 13th District needs a person like Rob Hutton.” -Judith Hyde Krieger, Brookfield

“I live in the Brookfield area, which is part of the 13th Assembly District. Rob Hutton is the conservative Republican candidate who has the private sector experience, as a business owner, of actually creating jobs as well as serving the public as a Waukesha County Supervisor. His private sector experience has taught him that government cannot continue to tax job creators and impose unreasonable regulatory burdens driving up costs and forcing workers out of jobs. Rob Hutton is a leader who understands fiscal responsibility and will represent the district as a principled, strong conservative dedicated to reducing the tax burden on families and businesses. His belief in limiting the power of government is extremely important as the federal government continues to invade our personal freedoms. Like his fellow citizens in the 13th Assembly District, Rob Hutton values faith and family highly. A sense of strong family values
is vitally important for our representatives to hold to as they work to enact policies that will affect our future generations. Rob Hutton will always support legislation that values life, family, freedom and fiscal responsibility. I am happy to support him for State Assembly”. -Ginny Marschman, Waukesha

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