The Issues



As a private business owner I have seen firsthand how the private sector drives our economy. There are certain fundamental principles regarding the private sector we must remember.  (1) Most business owners want to expand and grow. (2) Taxes, regulation, and unions impact a business' ability to grow. (3) Everything else being equal, business owners will migrate to communities and states where there are less taxes, regulations, and unions.

As your State Representative I will utilize my private sector experience to push for economic reforms that will free up the private sector.  We must minimize our tax and regulation climate in order to encourage financial investments in Wisconsin's economy.  A healthy economy means healthy communities. That is why we need to keep “Wisconsin Open for Business.”


I pledge to stand with the taxpayers and reject any tax increases. We need to make Wisconsin a tax friendly state for our businesses, young families, and seniors.


I am 100% pro-life and believe that human life begins at conception.  I will promote legislation that protects life and supports the elimination of any state or federal funding that contributes to the harm of our society's most vulnerable citizens.


As a father of four school aged children, quality education is a personal concern for our family. As your State Representative I will support policies that will increase academic achievement and accountability in our educational institutions. These policies can be achieved by restoring and strengthening local parental control over the schools, boards, and administration. The expansion of educational options, such as school choice and voucher programs, is critical to our children's success academically and professionally. Also, the demands of a modern workforce requires a focus on skilled workers for Wisconsin Manufacturers.


Government exists to serve and protect the citizens that elect the decision makers into office. The government should create meaningful, not overbearing regulation while keeping taxes at an absolute minimum. The recent trend has been for bigger government with more programs and entitlements that higher numbers of citizens have come to rely on. This trend is not sustainable, it is not moral, and the concept of accountability must be brought back into government and society.


As a business owner I’ve experienced the escalating cost of healthcare paid by small businesses in Wisconsin. The ability to afford quality healthcare plans for employees becomes a greater challenge every year and continues to be an issue of both affordability and competitiveness.

We need to continue to push for lowering healthcare costs with market-based solutions that will create competition, foster greater transparency of medical costs, and empower patients. We don’t need more government run solutions that will only add healthcare bureaucracy, limit patient choices, and restrict doctor practices.


I applaud Governor Walker's choice in avoiding a state-run health care exchange in Wisconsin. We should not make Wisconsin taxpayers foot a massive health care bill that the federal government can't even afford.

I have been an outspoken critic of Obamacare and supported Governor Walker’s decision to challenge it in the courts.  With the U.S. Supreme Court ruling it is the law of the land and now with the reelection of President Obama, Obamacare will unfortunately be moving forward. 


I will fight to protect the rights of law abiding citizens to bear arms as outlined in the U.S. Constitution.  We need to enforce current laws to ensure firearms stay out of the hands of violent offenders.
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